Business Development


Is growing your business on the cards? Read this ...

Some business people are happy to remain as sole practitioners, and don’t want any more from life. That’s fine. However, if you have a long term plan to develop your business into something bigger, you may well be glad to have some guidance and support.

This is where our in-house expertise in Business Development comes in.
We’ll make sure you know your business inside out so you know which step to take next.
Business planning

“Knowledge is power”! This is as true in business as in the rest of life.

When you have a detailed knowledge of your business, you can make the best decisions for it. We keep that detailed knowledge on behalf of our clients and you can unlock it whenever you have a meeting (at no extra cost) with one of our expert professionals.

We have helped clients as they grow from small, uncertain enterprises to multi-million pound enterprises and then we have been beside them as they value and sell their businesses. We are aware of the pitfalls, and we take our role seriously when we are helping our clients to avoid them.

Budgets and forecasts

Management Accounting is crucial for businesses.

Every penny counts, especially when you are starting out, or still growing. A good, clear budget will help you to keep track of the bottom line, and to be sure where every penny you bring in needs to go. You can use our expertise in the Commercial Sector to calculate a sensible forecast for your business.

This sensibly and clearly informs, for example, decisions about raising finance for future growth or paying out profits in the most tax efficient way.

Joint ventures

There may be scope for developing your business further by joining forces with another complementary business. However, if you don’t ensure they are set up correctly, they can open up your business to potential risk.

Let us guide you through the potential pitfalls and help you to ensure that the Joint Venture structure works for you, not against you.

Acquiring another business

This is an important process in the life of any business. It isn’t just the next step, it’s often the next jump!

Good preparation is key to making this a successful process. Having us on your team to assist with investigating the business you might want to acquire (known as “due diligence” in legal language) and advising on how structure the purchase in the most tax efficient manner can be invaluable. We will point out the potential risks as well as the benefits.

Preparing for a business sale

Whether you are selling as part of your retirement plans or in order to pursue other opportunities, you will want to maximise the return on selling your business. This involves getting the best price and structuring the sale in the most tax efficient manner possible.

As with many things, planning ahead is vital to make sure that your business is in the best possible shape to achieve the maximum price. We can help you at every stage of this process.

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