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If you find dealing with your personal tax daunting, don’t worry, you are not alone. Each year, hundreds of people ask us for help with theirs, because they are aware of the potential pitfalls, but don’t have the knowledge and confidence to be sure they will either pay too little and end up with a fine, or pay too much and not realise it.
When you are trying to deal with your Personal Tax, there are many potential pitfalls. We can make sure they don’t trip you up!
Preparing and filing personal tax returns

When you have had as much experience as we have, you can rely on us to take the headache out of the preparation and filing of your personal Tax Return, and to do it in the most cost effective way possible.

We ensure you get a checklist to follow when it’s time to start preparing your paperwork. We will prepare your Return, and using an on-line portal, you can sign and return it to us for submission to HMRC without leaving the comfort of your sofa. .When your time is valuable, remember you can save a lot of it by letting the experts take the strain.

Checking tax calculations

HMRC calculate your tax bill for you, but they don’t always do it correctly. How would you know? Well in all likelihood, you won’t.

That’s where we come in. When we prepare your Tax Return for you, we also calculate the tax you have to pay. Do we get this right? You bet we do! We have saved clients thousands of pounds over the years, and it gives them peace of mind to know we are able and willing to argue their case with HMRC when the figures don’t agree.

Tax is something of a speciality of ours, and we are happy to put it to good use on your behalf in a very cost effective package.

Dealing with property income

If you are a property owner and rent out properties as part of your livelihood, you will need to pay tax on that income. You want to be sure you are claiming for all the expenses and deductions you are entitled to claim.

We look after all this for you. We ask you the key questions so that we can help you pay the right tax, and not a penny more.

Capital gains tax calculations and advice

When you sell something expensive, say a second property, you will need to tell HMRC and work out whether you have made a ‘Capital Gain’ on which tax may be payable.

Before you make that sale, talk to us, because timing may be important.

Our experts will advise you on when and how best to make that sale. Preparation is key to minimising your tax bill and we are there to help you do that. Once you have your plan in place, we can let you know what that bill will be.

Tax planning advice

Whether you are preparing to sell a business or other large asset, or thinking about starting a new business or retiring, it’s a good idea to talk through the tax implications.

Pitted against accountants from capital cities in the UK, our team have been chosen to work closely with clients large and small because of our extensive knowledge of the intricacies of our tax system.

If you are already a client, tax planning advice is more often than not included in your fixed fee. Now that’s a powerful ally on your team!

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